Wake Up Sneezing & Constant Nose Blowing…I Strongly Recommend Use Dustroy!

My daughter has had bad allergies for the past few years and everything that we try seems to be only a very short term remedy. She would sneeze every morning upon waking up only to follow this by constant nose blowing almost all day. She would go through about half a tissue box every single day. At the end of each day she would be complaining of a headache and would, most of the time, go and have an afternoon sleep to get rid of the headache. We took her to get an allergy test done and it came back that she was allergic to all kinds of things like dogs, cats, dust, mould, trees and pretty much anything else you could think of. To assist in the effects of these allergies I would thoroughly dust her room with a wet cloth twice a week. This did reduce the usual morning sneezing and the nose blowing but would only last a day or two. My daughter would use hay fever medication to relieve the symptoms that were present but we would have to change the medication brand frequently so that it would continue to reduce the symptoms. I received a bottle of Dustroy to see if it would work. I sprayed her mattress and the floors after I thoroughly dusted and vacuumed her room. I was surprised at how well it worked. The dusting that I used to do before would work and last for a day or two but by using the Dustroy after the dusting, the symptoms reduced dramatically. This lasted for quite a few weeks. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who had a dust allergy or to even try it if, like my daughter, were told that they had an allergy to a whole list of things like hers as, in my daughters case the main allergen was dust. If this product was available to the domestic household I would purchase it and ensure I always had a supply of it as it has given my daughter much relief. Sue Newcastle NSW