Value For Money & Very Effective!

While visiting friends a couple of months ago I called into Andersons carpets to look at some floor rugs. Whilst standing at the counter paying for my purchase I noticed your product displayed on the counter. I mentioned to the friendly and helpful owners Paul and Carol that my eldest son had an allergy problem, I asked them what they thought of the product Dustroy. They were honest in saying that the product was only new to the market and they had had no feedback from customers at that stage but were confident the product was of good quality and would make a difference if the allergy was dust related. This convinced me to purchase a bottle. When I got home I gave the bed linen on his bed a quick spray all over just to see if it would make a difference. The next morning I was surprised not to hear him sneezing when he woke up. The following weekend I followed the directions on the back of the bottle and sprayed everything from floor to ceiling as suggested. My son still gets the occasional bout of sneezing but never in the vicinity of his treated bedroom. I have found this product to be value for money and very effective. I highly recommend Dustroy. Yours faithfully Carol Baulkam Hills NSW