Using Dustroy, My Son Is Back To His Usual Chirpy Self!

Michael Holt

I noticed that my son Joshua, who suffers from a Dust Mite Allergy, was starting to have his symptoms reappear over the weekend. It has been about 7 weeks since we did the full Dustroy Spray of his room. So I sprayed his Mattress, Mattress Protector, Pillow, Pillow Protector, Sheets & Carpet with Dustroy. I also wet dusted his blinds and tops of hard furniture. He was back to his usual bright chirpy self this morning!

Victoria Silvey My son had the same thing happen. I have been so busy with work and lead up to Christmas that he really blocked up and struggled with his allergy. Did his room on the week end and he is starting to get back to normal again.

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