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Testimonials Archive

It Absolutely Works!

It absolutely works!! I used it in both my studio space and where I sleep and have been having a heaps better time of it ever since!! 🙂
Ann Ravenshield – Feedback on Facebook Oct 30th

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No Sneezing or Watery Eyes Since Spraying!

I used the Dustroy on the weekend in our bedroom on curtains, mattress and pillows. My first impression was that I wouldn’t use it again because of the scent of the product – I found it quite unpleasant. I sprayed all these items and then I sprayed air freshener in the room, had the windows open and turned on the fan and left it for a couple of hours. The scent has now disappeared (thankfully) and so far it seems to be good – I haven’t had any sneezing or watery eyes since spraying.

Many thanks!!

Megs Dustroy feedback email received 5th December 2012

NB The Dustroy odour dissappears when it is dry.

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This Product Is Great For Me & Also Stops My Dogs Allergies!

Christine Browns Facebook comments…
…i think this product is great also stops my dogs allergies ..i live in the bush and lots of dust around a damp cloth and a good vaccum helps to keep the dust down…
…i spray my pillows the dogs beds it`s just fantastic it is the only thing i have used that actually does what it says
…this stuff is awesome i agree
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Using Dustroy, My Son Is Back To His Usual Chirpy Self!

I noticed that my son Joshua, who suffers from a Dust Mite Allergy, was starting to have his symptoms reappear over the weekend. It has been about 7 weeks since we did the full Dustroy Spray of his room. So I sprayed his Mattress, Mattress Protector, Pillow, Pillow Protector, Sheets & Carpet with Dustroy. I also wet dusted his blinds and tops of hard furniture. He was back to his usual bright chirpy self this morning!
Victoria Silvey My son had the same thing happen. I have been so busy with work and lead up to Christmas that he really blocked up and struggled with his allergy. Did his room on the week end and he is starting to get back to normal again.
Facebook Discussion December 2012
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When Our Sons Allergys Begin, It’s Time To Respray Dustroy!

We have found Dustroy to be very effective. When our son starts to cough and clear his throat again, I usually realise that 8 weeks have flown past and it’s time to spray again. When I do, the coughing and throat clearing quickly disappears again. We’re very happy with the product and will continue to use it. Sydney Birchall Feb 2013

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