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Asthma and Allergy Relief After Using Dustroy!

I am a working mum of two beautiful over active boys. myself and both boys have multiple allergies including dust mites, pollen, hay fever and of course asthma. Asthma being a hospital trigger regularly enough that I keep a phone charger in my handbag. Until, that is, the day that I tried dustroy. Both boys were coughing regularly thru the night all night & no matter how much I managed their asthma at night I lost control of it every night.

The very first night I tried dustroy….. Nothing. Nothing coming from their bedrooms that is. I had to check them regularly to make sure they were ok because they were quiet as mice.

Using dustroy regularly in the house, specially their bedrooms, lessens the severity of all allergic reactions and strengthens them to fight off colds etc quicker. Amazing product I wouldn’t waste my time, money or my children’s breath on anything else!!

Awesome sellers too who really care for the cause.

Thank you

Sharon Douglas

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Amanda Claire

My daughter suffers from eczema itchy flaky skin and yet have not found anything that works on her but dustroy for her asthma!

Amanda Claire’s comment on Facebook May 2013

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Dustroy Helped My Sons Chronic Nasal Congestion

I am happy to give a testimonial after trying a sample of Dustroy. I am so glad I found your product after unsuccessfully trying so many other things to help my son’s chronic nasal congestion. As I prefer natural alternatives I was very disappointed when doctors could only suggest medicines, nasal sprays and a referral to a surgeon for my 12 year old!
Knowing that dustmites are the problem and he is always worse in bed, I sprayed all his bedding and room and it has definitely helped.
Your website is so informative and it makes so much sense that Dustroy neutralises the allergens, as it is impossible to ever completely remove them no matter how much washing and cleaning we do!
I am definitely ordering some more and thanks for your helpful emails.

Regards Donna

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Extraordinary Outcome – No Allergy Symptoms Now!

My daughter is highly allergic to dust and even though we had our couch regularly steam cleaned professionally and I vacuumed it weekly, she would get itchy eyes and a runny nose if she sat on it for even 5 minutes. So she would not sit with the rest of us in the family room because she was so impacted by the symptoms she experienced. I tried Dustroy not really expecting it to work as it seemed too good to be true. Now I vacuum the couch fortnightly and use Dustroy every eight weeks and she can join us with no symptoms at all. It has been an extraordinary outcome and we are very relieved and pleased. If you have allergy issues, this is a small investment of time and money to see if it works for you. I am so pleased I gave it a go.

Thanks for the feedback email Rhonda.

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Immediate Improvement In Our Dogs Chewing and Scratching

Our little dog Daisy a Minature Foxie Jack Russel cross, she had an awful skin rash that we just could not get rid of.

Injections and tablets from the vet helped while she was taking them but as soon as she finished the course the rash would come back.

We were shampooing and conditioning her skin every 4 days trying to stop the itch.

Daisy was greatly affected by the itchy rash and was obviously distressed buy all the chewing and scratching that she was doing.

I went onto the net and found Dustroy and ordered a bottle which arrived a few days later.

After using the Dustroy for the first time it was only a few days and we saw an immeadiate improvement, we couldn’t believe the difference.

I would like to tell anyone considering using Dustroy to do it quick, you won’t be sorry.

Dustroy destroys the itch !! Thanks from Maree McLaren

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No More Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms!

My initial symptom of having an allergy to dustmite was extreme rhinitis. In desperation I called your dustroy office to ask what I could do about it as after four nights I was desperately lacking in sleep. I had two bottles of dustroy delivered and immediately sprayed my bed , soft furnishings and the two large Persian carpets. That night I slept with a drastic reduction in my symptoms and immediately rang for another delivery of Dustroy! I would definately advise anyone in my predicament to make Dustroy part of their immediate treatment to combat Dust mite Allergy!

Thanks Patricia

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Dustroy Helps Manage Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms

My 3 year old daughter had a continual nasal drip that caused her to cough persistently for months on end. She was diagnosed by blood test with a mild dust mite allergy at the age of 1.

This made it hard for her but also for us as we were unable to prevent the symptoms. We tried western medication such as hay-fever relief and also alternative remedies such as naturopathy and homeopathy and nothing seemed to help.

I believe Dustroy does help to manage her symptoms as we have been able to get rid of her cough through the use of Dustroy in combination with other diet supplements and eliminating some foods.

I would suggest that if someone is in a similar situation to definitely give Dustroy a go.



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