Serious Eczema – Dustroy Really Works!

Before Dustroy I was itchy with eczema in bed every night which resulted in little sleep. I had tried acupuncture, dermatologists, energy healers, naturopaths and injections to desensitise me to dustmites, which made me even sicker.
Although I will always have eczema, and one doctor told me I was the worst adult case he had ever seen, using Dustroy every 3 months has cert…ainly made my bedroom and lounge & car a lot more comfortable. When I use it, I don’t want to tear my skin off and can actually have a relatively itchy free day.
I have tried many products and this is one of the few that I have actually made a repeat purchase for as it works, but you do have to do it every 3 months as the little buggers come back!