Are these your allergy symptoms?


WomanSneezingYou get sudden sneezing attacks which are hard to stop, you have breathing difficulties, your eyes are sore and watery, your nose keeps running and/or you have a dry cough you can’t get rid of. The symptoms persist all year although they are more severe at certain seasons. You wake up tired because of overnight breathing difficulties and nasal blockages.

You just don’t feel 100% and it’s a struggle to get going each day.


If those are your symptoms, the most likely cause of your problem is Dust Mite Allergy!


In our modern world, allergies are common to nearly 80% of the population and one of the most prevalent is dust mite allergy, so you are not alone.

Dust mites are part of our lives and are practically indestructible. They are microscopic mites that feed off our discarded hair and skin, particularly in our bedding, carpets and soft furnishings. Their microscopic droppings float in the air and contain protein substances which when inhaled or touch the skin cause an allergic reaction.

** A quantity of 100 dust mites per gram of dust is enough to raise the risk of an allergic reaction. dustmite

** A concentration of more than 500 dust mites per gram of dust can lead to allergic asthma.

** And unfortunately, one gram of dust can contain up to 10,000 dust mites!

When you are exposed to house dust mite by-products your immune system can react in one of three ways:

  • It can ignore the allergens as background dust.
  • Note it as interesting and tolerate it.
  • Become concerned and alert to a foreign presence. This can turn into an active allergy, as the body produces histamines to attack the invader which creates the symptoms you are suffering.

So how to get relief from those symptoms.

Maybe you’ve been to all the experts, had all the tests, tried all the medicines, followed all the life-style advice but you’re still suffering from the same rotten symptoms. Alternatively, maybe you have just accepted that’s the way things are and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Well, there is something you can do about it, NOW! as Barry explains…..

Here are 3 simple things you can do right now to start getting relief.

Firstly, let’s confirm whether in fact you do have a dust mite allergy.

Take a few minutes to fill in our free, on-line allergy questionnaire giving more details of your personal symptoms. Because everyone’s symptoms are slightly different, we assess each questionnaire individually. We compare your symptoms with those of our other customers and give you a personal, no-obligation assessment of whether dust mite allergy is your problem, in complete confidence of course. And we are happy to discuss our reasoning with you personally.

Next do our simple “Pillow” test in your own home.

Mist spray your pillow with Dustroy Allergy Control Spray and let it dry. Using Dustroy will show an immediate reduction in the respiratory symptoms caused by dust mite allergy. After sleeping on the treated pillow your breathing will be easier, there will be a reduction in sneezing, your runny nose and itchy eyes will start to clear up and you will wake refreshed.

Lastly you need to spray all the other areas dust mites live and to introduce a good cleaning routine.

There are many other things you can do to ensure that you control your symptoms. Janene Leslie has suffered with dust mite allergy all her life and has documented her experiences so that you can learn how she discovered her simple 2 step approach to long-term symptom relief, what works and what doesn’t work, how her cleaning routine really helps and how her approach compares to other available treatments.

Her free  Allergy Control Guide Download has all the details and a lot of other information too.

Treatment Options.

To help you further with your research into the best solution to relieve your symptoms, we have prepared a table of the various remedies available on the market comparing their approach, side -effects, limitations and costs. To see what may be your best option CLICK HERE


Dustroy Allergy Control Spray is not medicinal nor is it an insecticide and is completely safe for your family and pets. It is a spray which works by de-naturing the proteins in dust mite feaces which cause your allergic reaction.

You can discover more about dust mites and the allergy they cause (including how 40% of asthma attacks are triggered by allergies and how dust mites can cause eczema) and how Dustroy Allergy Control Spray works cleverly, safely and effectively, by visiting our website

We hope this has helped and feel free to email or call us if you need more personal help. Contact us here