Our Guest Was Not Aneezing And Sniffing 🙂

Email 26/8/11 posted with permission

Hi, Dustroy sales team!

I vacuumed the mattress in the guest room and sprayed it and the pillows before making the bed up with fresh linen. I also removed the feather duvet, replaced it with a hollow fibre one and an extra blanket.

The first morning our guest was not sneezing and sniffing 🙂 and I hope for a good result today as well. Our guest is leaving this weekend (sudden change of plan) so I didn’t think it worth experimenting by spraying and then leaving the feather duvet in place, rather better to relieve the discomfort of our guest.

By the way, I didn’t tell him I used the spray, only mentioned replacing the duvet. Next question is, can I reasonably expect to treat the feather duvet, or just chuck it out? Common sense says to lose the duvet!

Many thanks, I will be ordering some of the product before the end of September and also interested in your anti-mold product.