No Sneezing, Not Ripped At My Eyes … And No Anti-Histamines!

I have not taken an antihistamine for 8 weeks since I commenced using your product. I have taken them every day for 7 years and had reached the point where they were telling me to get rid of my loyal old dogs and start an antibody injection program!
How absolutely thrilling that so far I have not sneezed, ripped at my eyes, scratched at my throat nor drowned in mucus since using your product. Even with the spring flowers fully out in the garden I am surviving each day with no antihistamines?!
Weird but perhaps it was only dust mite and mould spores that were causing my issues and your product has effectively dealt with that. Hence I have placed an order for the larger sized product and hope it continues to be as effective.

Kind regards,
Bronwen D
East St Kilda