No More Ventilan For Me! Dustroy is Outstanding!

This is a note to let you know my experience when using your Dustroy product. I have always suffered from allergies to dustmites, mould and mildew and was diagnosed through the RAST test to have a ‘severe’ allergen reaction to dustmites around 20 years ago. In this time I have experience restless sleep, itching and watery eyes, sneezing, lethargy and generally wake up with muscle aches and pains. When completing general house cleaning duties these symptoms are exacerbated. In addition, I have an asthma condition requiring the Ventalin approximately 3-4 times each week. Over the past years, I have tried many chemical products and various techniques to reduce and minimize he effects of dustmites and allergens in my home. In this time I have only found minimal relief. I was then introduced to the Dustroy product and applied it to my bedroom area. On my first night I could breathe deeply and easily. I slept restfully for the first time in ages and woke early and feeling invigorated. I was able to go about my day without any feeling of aches or lethargy. During the next week, I noticed a continued feeling of wellbeing, The most obvious positive outcome, apart from feeling so good and being able to breath, is that I have used my Ventalin only once (due to exercise) since applying the Dustroy. I have now applied it so my son’s room and the results are also outstanding. He has had no waking periods at all, during the night and has not needed his ventalin. I am very happy to have used your product and am grateful to be able to breathe again. I would recommend Dustroy to anyone who is suffering from the effects of dustmite allergies and I am happy for you to share this with any prospective clients. Regards Michelle Belmont South