No More Itchy Dog!

We have a beautiful four year old Labrador. When he was about two he developed strong allergic reactions in his skin. Hair sensitivity tests showed he was affected by such things as couch grass, chicken, eggs, beef, aluminium (bowls), plastic (toys) and strawberries. His skin and ears were inflamed and pink. Although we tried to eliminate those things affecting him from his environment, the allergies lead him to constantly lick and scratch his stomach, between his toes, on his legs, under his tail and rub his nose along the ground. The poor dog scratched all through the night and his skin became broken from his constant scratching. I even had to put him under the shower to cool his skin and give him relief!

The Vets were very good and he was put on cortisone, steroids and antihistamines at different times which certainly helped his affliction, but I did not see these as a long term cure as there are side effects, as with all drugs. I changed his diet to mostly kangaroo or fish based dog food. To eliminate the grasses that he is allergic to, I usually rinse his feet after walks in the park and he spends a lot of time indoors – not that he complains! But I noticed he was still scratching at night time and in the morning, before he had been outside. I knew of dustmite allergies and considered this as a possible trigger.

That’s when I discovered Dustroy. After spraying his bedding and the carpets with Dustroy, he no longer itches or scratches at night. His scratching is now an occasional thing rather than constant, and his skin which went from pink to black, is going back to a normal colour. Although I can’t say he is completely cured of his allergies, the application of Dustroy on his bedding has been a therapeutic measure which has allowed him (and us) to sleep undisturbed and have a much more enjoyable life!

Kate (Victoria)