No More Breathing Difficulties Through The Night!

Since moving to Australia some 12 years ago, my asthmatic/allergy condition has worsened. For quite some time it has been normal for me to awaken two or three times each night with breathing difficulties. At these times I have to use an inhaler or a nebulizer to gain relief. A couple of months ago a close friend of obtained a container of your product ‘Dustroy. My wife insisted that I try it immediately and so, following the instructions we sprayed the mattress, pillows, curtains and also used it in the final rinse for the bed sheets and pillowcases. Within a few days I was sleeping more or less normally and feeling much better during the daytime at work. I am delighted with the performance of your product and would be pleased if you would forward a list of suppliers within my area. Thank you once again. John Dee Why NSW