My Son Stopped Using All Medication A Week After Spraying Dustroy!

Hi Dustroy Team,

Our 13 year old son has had sinus for most of his life and after tests found that dust mites were one of the main triggers which up till the beginning of this year we have been able to control with medication and constant cleaning at home.

This year has been harder to control even with medication probably due to the fact that he is now at Boarding School, so armed with a bottle of Dustroy we sprayed his mattress and bedding over a weekend.

So far so good, he stopped all medication a week after spraying and he is feeling great. We plan to re-spray every Term (4 times/per) which now reminds me we will need to place an order soon.

Word of mouth is a great network and I have certainly passed feedback onto all our family and friends, very happy parents.


Cheryl Worden