It Is Effective Immediatley… My Natural Therapist Recommends It

I had learned about your Dustroy product originally from my Natural Therapist who recommended that I should try it as it would be good for alleviating my symptoms to my dustmite allergy. Previously, I had constantly a blocked nose, my eyes would be irritated and itchy and I would suffer many asthma symptoms. Each night I would have a disturbed sleep and I would wake up feeling tired and lethargic. I tried your Dustroy product and found it very easy to use. I sprayed it in onto my linen, in my bedroom, onto my lounge and within the household carpet. It was effective immediately! I would say my symptoms have been reduced by at least 80%. By alleviating my allergic reactions I am now able to sleep better and wake feeling refreshed. I am no longer tired at work which makes it easier for me to focus and do my job. I no longer suffer from the itching eyes or blocked nose. I would highly recommend the Dustroy product to anyone who suffers dustmite allergies and I am happy for you to share this with other allergy sufferers. Regards Bianca Surry Hills NSW