Immediate Improvement In Our Dogs Chewing and Scratching

Our little dog Daisy a Minature Foxie Jack Russel cross, she had an awful skin rash that we just could not get rid of.

Injections and tablets from the vet helped while she was taking them but as soon as she finished the course the rash would come back.

We were shampooing and conditioning her skin every 4 days trying to stop the itch.

Daisy was greatly affected by the itchy rash and was obviously distressed buy all the chewing and scratching that she was doing.

I went onto the net and found Dustroy and ordered a bottle which arrived a few days later.

After using the Dustroy for the first time it was only a few days and we saw an immeadiate improvement, we couldn’t believe the difference.

I would like to tell anyone considering using Dustroy to do it quick, you won’t be sorry.

Dustroy destroys the itch !! Thanks from Maree McLaren