Great For Me And My Dog’s Allergies

I was given samples of N’Viro Cleans All and Dustroy by a friend and would like to know where I can purchase these products. One of our dogs had been tested for allergens after we noticed a minor skin irritation turn into a full blown severe complex of multiple allergic reactions. Our dog was left with little quality of life. Clinical testing proved it was a series of allergies causing his debilitating condition. One allergy being that of dust mites. To combat this a regular routine of vacuuming and washing his bedding just barely controlled the mites. After using Dustroy the dust mite problem has ceased. By the 2nd application 12 week later my dogs skin condition had improved remarkably and his hair is returning where once it was balding area. As a bonus my own allergies, asthma, hay fever and sinus have improved greatly my eyes no longer water and itch and the coughing and sneezing of a night time also has stopped. Also I had been using a product that claimed to clean most surfaces and was environmentally friendly, ammonia and Chlorine free. Although this product was proved to be suitable as a cleaner and environmentally responsible choice it was not gentle on my hands and aggravated what was a minor case of dermatitis After using N’Viro Cleans All I found that it gave a more thorough clean and has aided in the complete eradication of my skin condition. Thank You Mrs Lana Raso BOORAGUL NSW