Grandson Allergic To Dust Mites!

I first bought Dustroy Allergy control spray when my four legged companions were constantly scratching, even though they had no fleas. I read that there were cases where pets could be allergic to dust mite, so decided I’d order the product to see if that helped. On receiving the allergy control spray I first vacuumed then sprayed my mattress and pillows with the spray (and also did the same on their bedding), and waited. The scratching was halted almost from the beginning! I was very impressed with the ease of use and efficiency of the product.

When my grandson began exhibiting signs that he too was allergic to dust mites I gave my daughter a bottle of the spray as well, and she too discovered it solved the problems with my grandson’s health. I highly recommend Dustroy’s Allergy control spray.

Love & Licks from
Margaret and Honey