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Frequently Asked Questions about Dustroy

What is Dustroy for?

Allergy Control Spray by Dustroy is designed to treat both respiratory and topical symptoms of dust mite allergy.

How does Dustroy work?

It is a surface spray that de-natures the allergen in dust mite faeces which causes an allergic reaction bringing immediate relief from the symptoms.

The product is not a medicine, therapeutic good or an insecticide.

It is sprayed lightly on bedding, carpets, clothes, furniture, drapes and any absorbent surface which harbours dust mites.

Who would benefit from using Dustroy?

Dust mite allergy is one of the most common causes of symptoms such as:

  • Allergic asthma
  • Itchy, red or watery eyes, a sense of something in the eye, breathing difficulties,
    a constantly twitchy nose, allergic rhinitis, a sore or itchy throat,
    a sniffling and runny nose, constant sneezing or a persistent dry cough.
  • Eczema, atopic dermatitis, skin itches, blotches or rashes or creaking in the ear.

Studies have claimed that up to 80% of the population is allergic to dust mites to some degree.

In some cases, symptoms can be very severe and debilitating.

How do I know if my allergy is due to dust mites?

It is important to distinguish between “seasonal allergies” such as Hay Fever and other pollen induced allergies and “permanent dust mite allergy” which can become more severe when seasonal allergies are rife.

If you are unsure whether you have a dust mite allergy, you can fill in a simple questionnaire for a non-medical assessment by the Dustroy Team by clicking HERE.

Why treat dust mite allergy?

The Asthma Foundation claims that some 40% of asthma attacks are triggered by colds and allergies and a recent study by the University of Melbourne has shown that toddlers with a dust mite allergy (often in the form of a persistent night cough) are significantly more likely to develop asthma in their teens.

Generally, the symptoms of dust mite allergy are unpleasantly debilitating with an on-going, negative effect on your well-being and life style.

Where to use Dustroy?

Dustroy Allergy Control Spray is an aqueous based anti-allergen solution which contains all natural ingredients and is safe for use in the home, the car or anywhere else dust mites live.

Is the product natural and safe?

The solution is bio-degradable and will not of itself cause any allergic reaction. It is not a medicine, therapeutic product or insecticide, is simple and safe to use and has no harmful side effects for the family or for pets.

What is in the product?

It’s effective ingredients are a mild acid (Urea Phosphate) and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

How long does Dustroy provide relief?

One light spray of Allergy Control Spray by Dustroy to mattresses, covers, carpets etc. lasts for up to 8 weeks or until washed.

Compared to other remedies, this makes the product very cost effective.

Additionally, there is nothing for customers to ingest or apply to themselves or their family so avoiding any possibility of side effects or any interaction with other medications.

How long will a 500mil bottle last?

A 500mil bottle will treat up to 20 square metres.

Where can I get more information?

Should you have any questions regarding this product, you can contact the Dustroy Team on 02 4951 8186 or email us on our Contact Page.

Where else can I buy Dustroy?

Selected Amcal chemists, local pharmacies and stores. View current list here.

If your local chemist does not have Dustroy in stock, suggest they contact us through this website or 02 4951 8186 to obtain a supply for you.

Trade enquiries

For trade enquiries or bulk supplies, please contact Janene on 02 4951 8186

How does Dustroy compare with other allergy treatments?

For a full comparison table of popular allergy treatments check the comparison page.