Dustroy is extremely easy to use. It is safe, efficient and can start working immediately. Follow these simple steps to protect you and your family from allergies.

Prepare your room

Choose an area such as your bedroom, vacuum the mattress and other non-washable bedding. Wash all sheets, pillows, cases, and soft furnishings, a wash of up to 60 degrees is preferable. Dust everywhere with a damp cloth.

Treat the area

Lightly spray all the prepared areas with Dustroy, dusting surfaces with a wet cloth. Avoid spraying hard or non-absorbent surfaces since they do not harbour dustmites. Now, just wait 30 minutes for the solution to dry.

On-going treatments

Regular treatments are an essential part of managing your allergy symptoms. It is important to follow a routine of treatments, so our bottles remain effective up to 8 weeks and cover up to 20.sq.mts (based on a 500ml bottle).

Follow-up treatment can be achieved in many ways:
  • Repeat steps from the first application, preparing the area through vacuuming and washing of linen.
  • Lightly spray affected areas and allow them to dry.
  • Respray linen after washing, such as when washing is drying on a clothesline.

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