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Dustroy is Safe and Very Effective

How Dustroy Works

The excretion of the house dust mite contains a number of protein substances. When these are inhaled or touch the skin, the body produces antibodies. These antibodies cause the release of a chemical called histamine that leads to swelling and irritation of the upper respritory passages- typical asthma and hay fever symptoms. The solution is not to kill the dust mites but to neutralise the effect they have on sufferers.

Dustroy is an aqueous anti-allergen solution containing a powerful active all natural ingredient. It works by instantly deactivating the allergen Der pl in house Dust mite excrement by de-naturing and substantially reducing the AgE antibody binding capacity of this allergen.

As a result they are no longer recognised by the body’s immune system and they will not bond with the antibodies sent to destroy them.

For more information on how Dustroy works, click this link to the trial report of Dustroy by Allergen Control Services, a recognised authority.

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Why Dustroy is Safe

  1. Dustroy instantly neutralises and renders harmless the allergen from Dust Mites. In simple terms, it changes the shape of the Dust mite feaces so that the body no longer recognises it. That is all it does but it is very effective and brings rapid relief to sufferers.
  2. Dustroy is not a pesticide nor is it a drug of any kind and is completely safe to use around adults, children and pets.
  3. Dustroy is an all natural product which contains no harmful or dangerous chemicals.
  4. Furthermore, Dustroy is environmentally safe and bio-degradable so can be sprayed anywhere in the home and containers can be disposed of in household refuse with confidence. Dustroy is designed to be sprayed on absorbent surfaces only and any over-spray should be wiped off hard or non-absorbent surfaces with a damp cloth before it dries.
  5. Dustroy is suitable and safe for use on all bedding including cots, all soft furnishings, carpets, soft-toys and anywhere else Dust mites hide since it will not stain or discolour materials.
  6. Additionally, Dustroy has a sanitizing effect which limits the growth of mould and mildew around the home.

For a Full Material Safety Data Sheet, click here.