Don’t Move House -Stay And Spray With Dustroy!

First of all, my sincere apologies for not contacting you sooner about this wonderful product. A little over twelve months ago my Naturopath forwarded onto me an information sheet detailing Dustroy. Almost six years ago now I relocated from the Monaro region of NSW over to the South Coast. Having grown up in Sydney I had become accustomed to the fact that commencing sometime in February/March each year I would sneeze up to one hundred times a morning. As a child this was followed by outbreaks of Asthma. Prior to moving to the South Coast, My wife and I had spent the past 24 years away from the coast in inland Queensland and then the Monaro. During this time I rarely reached for a tissue let alone sneezed on a regular basis nor did I have any sign of Asthma over these years unless I visited Sydney. It soon became a family joke that the Old Man was allergic to Sydney. During these years my wife observed the occasions during which I would sneeze and with the help of Mr Google came to the conclusion that I was allergic to Dust Mites amongst other things. After surviving my first year or so on the coast with no real issues I began to think that the coast/ humid air would no longer be a problem for me. How wrong was I? The second and subsequent years came and like clockwork my sneezing would begin around mid to late February to the point where I could sneeze constantly for hours each day. Nothing helped!! Eventually my Asthma returned and I honestly felt that the only way that I was going to be able to rectify this situation was to sell up and move back inland away from the coast and the humid air. In February of 2010 I was introduced to Dustroy and felt that I had nothing to lose. After spraying around the house within a couple of days my sneezing stopped. I observed that the only time it would return was when I would pull on a jumper that was in the cupboard at which point the sneezing would start and the eyes itch. I soon learnt to pull the jumper straight off and go without if it had not been sprayed. The 2011 season has started early due I believe to the high humidity so, once again we sprayed the house but only after I started to sneeze (some people never learn) and within a couple of days the sneezing has stopped completely. I have no other explanation other than to say that Dustroy has given me the opportunity to enjoy a drug free life on the coast without fear of sneezing my bloody head off each year from February through till June. To anyone else who might suffer similar problems, I cannot recommend Dustroy as a remedy more strongly. I bought a box full this year. Thanks once again. Yours Sincerely Phil Monaghan