Asthma and Allergy Relief After Using Dustroy!

I am a working mum of two beautiful over active boys. myself and both boys have multiple allergies including dust mites, pollen, hay fever and of course asthma. Asthma being a hospital trigger regularly enough that I keep a phone charger in my handbag. Until, that is, the day that I tried dustroy. Both boys were coughing regularly thru the night all night & no matter how much I managed their asthma at night I lost control of it every night.

The very first night I tried dustroy….. Nothing. Nothing coming from their bedrooms that is. I had to check them regularly to make sure they were ok because they were quiet as mice.

Using dustroy regularly in the house, specially their bedrooms, lessens the severity of all allergic reactions and strengthens them to fight off colds etc quicker. Amazing product I wouldn’t waste my time, money or my children’s breath on anything else!!

Awesome sellers too who really care for the cause.

Thank you

Sharon Douglas