Allergy Induced Asthma – Now Breathing Easier!

  1. Describe –  What were your (or your child’s or pets) initial allergysymptoms -Initial symptoms were the asthmatic in the house has trouble breathing every day due to the amount of dust in the house,  we actually purchased the trial pack for our dog that was having trouble with an itch that we just couldn’t seem to control –
  2. What impact did your allergies have on you (or them), on a day to day basis?        – Breathing is difficult due to the amount of dust the house seems to attract   the dog was going mad with the itch and was getting bald patches
  3. What were the results for you after using the Allergy Control Spray Dustroy?     – after Dustroy the breathing seem to become a little easier.  we used Dustroy in all the dogs bedding and at present the itch seems to have disappeared.
  4. If someone was considering using Allergy Control Spray Dustroy, what would you say to them?       Yes defiantly


Tracey Marriott