We are a family-owned Australian company that offers environmentally safe and cost-effective allergy control products. Dustroy Allergy Control Spray is 100% produced in our factory in Gateshead, NSW.

An effective all-natural surface spray, without the drugs or pesticides.

Dustroy Allergy Control Spray is an aqueous based anti-allergen solution which contains a powerful active all-natural ingredient. It works by instantly deactivating the allergen Der pl, which is present in house Dustmite excrement, through denaturing and substantially reducing the AgE antibody binding capacity of this allergen.

Key Benefits:

  • Instantly neutralises and renders harmless the allergens present in the Dustmites faeces by changing their shape so the body no longer reacts to it, bringing rapid relief to Dustmite allergy sufferers.
  • DUSTROY IS Environmentally safe and is entirely biodegradable, so it can be safely sprayed anywhere in the home. Containers can be disposed of in household refuse with complete confidence.
  • Easy to use. All you need to do is simply the product on your soft furnishings and wait around 30 min to dry.
  • The product offers up to 3 months of relief per application, with only 300ml on average required for each room. This means that you only need four applications of treatment per year to the affected areas of your home.

We are focused on creating environmentally friendly products that provide the best health benefits. We care about our Planet; therefore, we use only all-natural ingredients free of drugs and pesticides.


Dustroy is an all-natural product made with the best quality ingredients, making it both quick-acting and effective. Results are offered immediately from first use and are effective for up to 3 months from the application, keeping you symptom-free for longer.


Health is the primary focus of our business. Therefore, we use only the ingredients that are not harmful to you or your family, including your pets. Some vets have recommended the use of Dustroy for dogs who experience itchy skin or rash. Keeping everyone at home happy and healthy!


Dustroy starts working immediately with an easy application. Spray affected areas, such as bedding or carpets and wait 30 minutes for the solution to dry. That’s it!  Only 300ml is required per room on average, helping you to keep allergens at bay for longer and less. 


“I have always suffered from allergies to Dustmites, mould and mildew and was diagnosed through the RAST test to have a severe allergen reaction to Dustmites around 20 years ago.

I was then introduced to the Dustroy product and applied it to my bedroom area. On my first night I could breathe deeply and easily. I slept restfully for the first time in ages.

I have used my asthma Ventalin only once (due to exercise) since applying Dustroy.” –Michelle, Belmont

“Asthma and Allergy Relief After Using Dustroy!

I am a working mum of two beautiful over active boys. myself and both boys have multiple allergies including dust mites, pollen, hay fever and of course asthma. Asthma being a hospital trigger regularly enough that I keep a phone charger in my handbag. Until, that is, the day that I tried dustroy. Both boys were coughing regularly thru the night all night & no matter how much I managed their asthma at night I lost control of it every night.

The very first night I tried dustroy….. Nothing. Nothing coming from their bedrooms that is. I had to check them regularly to make sure they were ok because they were quiet as mice.

Using dustroy regularly in the house, specially their bedrooms, lessens the severity of all allergic reactions and strengthens them to fight off colds etc quicker. Amazing product I wouldn’t waste my time, money or my children’s breath on anything else!!

Awesome sellers too who really care for the cause.

Thank you” –Sharon Douglas

“My daughter suffers from eczema itchy flaky skin and yet have not found anything that works on her but dustroy for her asthma!” –Amanda Claire
“Dustroy Helped My Sons Chronic Nasal Congestion

I am happy to give a testimonial after trying a sample of Dustroy. I am so glad I found your product after unsuccessfully trying so many other things to help my son’s chronic nasal congestion. As I prefer natural alternatives I was very disappointed when doctors could only suggest medicines, nasal sprays and a referral to a surgeon for my 12 year old!

Knowing that dustmites are the problem and he is always worse in bed, I sprayed all his bedding and room and it has definitely helped.
Your website is so informative and it makes so much sense that Dustroy neutralises the allergens, as it is impossible to ever completely remove them no matter how much washing and cleaning we do!

I am definitely ordering some more and thanks for your helpful emails.” –Donna

“Dustroy Helps With My Breathing…

Dustroy is great and it works. It is helping me with my breathing through the night, so thanks for giving me a chance to use it.” –Lesley Rowsell

“Extraordinary Outcome – No Allergy Symptoms Now!

My daughter is highly allergic to dust and even though we had our couch regularly steam cleaned professionally and I vacuumed it weekly, she would get itchy eyes and a runny nose if she sat on it for even 5 minutes. So she would not sit with the rest of us in the family room because she was so impacted by the symptoms she experienced. I tried Dustroy not really expecting it to work as it seemed too good to be true. Now I vacuum the couch fortnightly and use Dustroy every eight weeks and she can join us with no symptoms at all. It has been an extraordinary outcome and we are very relieved and pleased. If you have allergy issues, this is a small investment of time and money to see if it works for you. I am so pleased I gave it a go.” –Rhonda

“Reported 98% effectiveness against Dustmites. Dustroy has been extensively researched by leading ecologist Richard Thorogood (M.I.Biol) of Allergen Control Services. Download his report from this site.

By the second application 12 week later, my dogs skin condition had improved remarkably.

As a bonus my own allergies, asthma, hay fever and sinus have improved greatly.” –Lana, Booragul

“Dustroy is not a drug or pesticide. It is an all natural bio-degradable product. This means it is not harmful to you, your family or your pets, keeping everyone safe. Plus it is also good for the environment!

I had constantly a blocked nose, my eyes would be irritated and itchy and I would suffer many asthma symptoms…

It was effective immediately! I would say my symptoms have been reduced by at least 80%.” –Bianca, Surry Hills.

“Dustroy instantly neutralizes and renders harmless, the allergen from Dustmites, Mould or Mildew and thus reduces the major cause of allergic reactions.

I have been using the product for the past 3 months and have found a remarkable difference. My breathing is much improved in the areas that I have been regularly spraying.” –Linda, Charlestown

“Dustroy is easy to use. The first simple spray application to your carpet, bedding, linen, pillows and soft furnishings will be effective immediately and bring you relief.

My daughter has had bad allergies for the past few years and everything that we try seems to only be a very short term remedy…

But by using Dustroy after the dusting, the symptoms reduced dramatically. This lasted for quite a few weeks.

Dustroy offers up to 2 months relief per application. You get a huge amount of relief for a small amount of effort.” -Sue, Newcastle

“Before, Dustroy, I would say it was a living nightmare, I was always walking around like a zombie, and since I’ve had Dustroy, it’s something that I walk around like I’m refreshed, I’m me again.” – Michael

“It wasn’t until Dustroy when I found relief, so I sprayed my bedding and everything, and I can breathe again, and I can sleep again, and I slept through when I didn’t have itchy eyes as soon as I went to sleep and it’s great.” – Michelle

“Before Dustroy I was itchy with eczema in bed every night which resulted in little sleep. I had tried acupuncture, dermatologists, energy healers, naturopaths and injections to desensitise me to dustmites, which made me even sicker.

When I use it, I don’t want to tear my skin off and can actually have a relatively itchy free day……I have tried many products and this is one of the few that I have actually made a repeat purchase for as it works!” – Carmel