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How to Use Dustroy Effectively

Step.1 Clean The Selected Area To Be Treated

Since Dustmites live where dust and dander gathers, it is important to thoroughly vacuum or clean the area to be treated before spraying your Dustroy. When washing bed linen use a HOT wash as this will help kill off dust mites. When dusting, use a damp cloth to remove the allergens, rather than stirring them up. Cleaning first removes any excess dust mite exoskeletons and faeces (the allergens) allowing your Dustroy to be more effective and work longer for you.


Step 2. Spray The Surface With Dustroy

Using a fine mist spray, thoroughly spray all the material surfaces. There is no need to saturate the surface when treating with Dustroy. Tip – Linen hanging on the line is easy to spray and quick to dry. Spraying linen when on the bed allows any over-spray to treat your carpets!

Step 3. Let It Dry

Dustroy will take around 30 minutes to dry. Allow natural  light in and open windows to assist in the drying and also improve ventilation… and that’s all there is to it! Dustroy begins denaturing the allergen immediately, rendering the allergen harmless to you!

What Areas Do I Treat With Dustroy?


This is the most important area to treat. Thoroughly spray covers, mattresses and particularly pillows and pillow cases. Two thirds of a cup of Dustroy is safe to add to the final rinse of your sheets or mist spray them on the line and allow to dry. Remember to spray your pillow and take it with you when you leave home to ensure Dustroy keeps working for you even when you are away.

Carpets and Rugs

In order to reduce their allergies, many sufferers have removed carpets from their sleeping areas. With Dustroy that is no longer necessary. Just mist spray the carpet or rug thoroughly, particularly in hard to clean areas where dust gathers such as under beds and furniture.

Curtains, Blinds and Wall Hangings

Whilst not as obvious as some other areas, curtains, blinds, wall hangings, dried flowers arrangements, book cases and inside wardrobes all harbour Dust mites. Thoroughly clean and damp dust such areas first and then spray with Dustroy to ensure a safe, allergy free environment.

Other Furniture and Car

Whilst sleeping areas are the most important areas to spray with Dustroy, people with severe allergies may find it necessary to also spray living area furniture such as armchairs, sofas, chaise lounge and children’s items such as beanbags. Treating the seats and carpets within your car or office area is also recommended.

Soft Toys

Just like pillows, soft toys can accumulate a population of hundreds of thousands of Dustmites in a very short period of time and require regular treatment.


You will need to re-spray every 2 months, or after changing your bed linen. Dustroy would be removed when the surface is washed or re-cleaned and a re-spray would be necessary to continue allergy control.